Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gotta Hunch?

Here's where I Got the idea for the gig joka...

A Couple of Sports...

Just "flat toned" these 2 dudes & threw a quick shade on em. I stole this technique from Kenny Durkin mixed with some Ted Tucker & Mike Duron.I do this when I get a line going. Also I use black marker and black paint for the "intense" black haired folks.Mostly what the above have shown me,(along with Keelan Parham aka BigBossKee, he's a marker-master along with many other mediums),is that "strong line quality" and "likeness" with good "composition",is the goal I should set out for.I'm still aiming for that every day.

Im glad Dad said "SHE wants"....whew!

At first glance thought I had a boy ,(Kirby), turns out I did,a "tomboy" which she was happy to repeat to me thru the entire Pops was happy that I "girled" her up a bit.

Devoted fan

When I asked this kid "whats your favorite Park here?" he said thats devotion.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An AK day

My camera stinks!! Gotta get a camera that takes better shots of color pictures!!>:(

Pop shots

got a trumpet player in this group

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stand shots...

had fun with a couple of these....


the only one I liked that night

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dad & his baby girl

This man looked just like one of my brothers who pasted away a few years one knew it that day... but it was hard to draw him.

New Jersey beach Rockas....

I admit I was too eager to draw these 2 and flubbed-up the look I was going for...choot! Anywho I figured I post it for critiquing.... of which in exception of Jimmy P. I have n't gotten much of lately <:~(

42 years of bliss...& bragging

This couple were celebrating 42 yr annv.,but the only thing the wife could talk about was their 15yr old granddaughter who was a model....Cheeeeeze blah,blah,blah,...sum1 save me!!!The hubby was almost totally silent and apologetic for his bride's pride, I told him no need, they should be proud.


This kids dad laughed at him thru the whole sitting! Okay so did I but his pop's started first.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Well we tried,,,,

Dennis & I on 9/29 trying to take advantage of a "captive parade" audience on a very slow AK day........we got nada.

The Aussie team....

Dad & son from Austrailia,1st timers. I always ask anyone from there have they met Esly.....hey ya neva know mate.They said not yet lol.

Dennis the Arrrrrrtist...

If you have n't worked with this guy yet your missing a "good show"! You Rock Denn!

Vespa Ape....