Saturday, August 09, 2008

Various stand pics,including variation on BBKee's Dancing Brady


JimmyPereira said...

I've gotta tell ya Brian, after really studying these, I can tell and really appreciate how you put a lot into your work. I see a thoughful composition, color placement, and that little touch of humor that makes the customer more than willing to shell out that $34 (or heck, even $45). It's not just a cut and paste routine. I appreciate that and to be honest, that's what keeps the job from being just another job. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

brian said...

Thanks Jim I have great respect for this "type" of "caricatoon" work we do. I honestlty believe it's harder to stay true to this art form than most others that are done for "quickart profit". As I find myself looking at the fine work of many of the true masters of cartooning and caricature a humbling comes over me.But at the same time a sense of uniqueness hits me too because in all of the wonderment and awe of their abilities our form of caricatoons are a rare breed in the quickart market. Its just a joy to try to emmulate those who've paved this unique road you and I are traveling on, thanks Bud.